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    If only they would drill one of these suckers........


    HOMEX - Sydney

    Initial seismic mapping, amplitude versus offset (AVO) and fluid
    factor analysis of seismic data from WA 318P the central permit of
    Drillsearch's Bonaparte Gulf project has delineated a major 52 sq km
    prospect indicating closure and the presence of gas.

    The prospect has been named the Marina Prospect. It has 4 way dip
    closure and approximately 200 metres of indicated gas saturated sand
    in the Tern Member of the Hyland Bay Formation. There are multiple
    stacked reservoirs which enhances the potential for oil pay within
    the prospect.

    Estimated gas in place within this prospect is 710 billion cubic

    Drillsearch believes this is a very significant development in the
    ongoing exploration of the Bonaparte Gulf permits. WA 318P adjoins
    the Tern Field operated by Santos Limited.

    P F Kelso

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