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    I may be getting the wrong impression, so I genuinely apologize if I have and truly mean that (because most of the posters on here are really nice), but why are some of you being so aggressive about comments on new orders (such as LGM).

    We all know that new orders are important, but what do you really expect...an order a day. The last time I spoke to NC he openly said, that we should expect at least a few new accounts every month BUT that is not what (we) should be concerned about. Its about generating revenues to meet the end of year budgeted target and the listing

    So, if we get 1, 2 or 4 orders a month great, but if we don't in one particular month...so what, as long as the company is still generating revenue from others. I am the last person to profess that I can run a business better than anyone else, and IMO NC has run that business to the tee with a clear strategy of what needs to be achieved, how and when.

    With complete respect to all, maybe lay of a bit on such firm comments like "put up or shut up" its easy to to coach from the sidelines but different when you in the thick of it. I think we should all have a little respect with what the company is doing. From all accounts (based on my own impressions) the staff are working hard, NC works them hard, I've met very few people that appear to work as hard as NC. They have a product out the door, they are starting to sell, they are working the military side of things, the last I spoke to NC he was back on a plane to New York meeting up with Sugar after the IB and Sugar meeting on site AND the company constantly keeps us informed. Lets remember 2 years ago, AJX was nothing, it was a pipe dream, and now its selling product, and may i remind some, its their first year of selling two, and they have been able to achieve that in the first month of the year!

    AJX has created value for us all, in an Australian market that simply put, is crap. Its acting responsibly and doing everything right IMO. All these stupid posts, that just keep going on and on and are meaningless are just time wasting posts by time wasters. We should just forget them and focus on getting back to great posts. Funny how when a company starts to make real progress, you get either jealous people that hope for a failure, or you get positive people that just want to see everyone have a win. The posters that keep criticising the one s that are positive about being "bullish" have it so wrong. We are not bullish, we just have some pride in our investment and want the best from the company. We have all had a great little win.

    Lets get back to so real posts and for all of you that that don't like AJX, no problem. I respect that but spend your time an energy promoting the stocks you do like. For all of you that believe, feel good, support, then I look forward to reading such good posts.

    Night all!
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