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    I know I keep extolling the virtues of this company but if you are looking for a longer-term biotech investment, You really should take a look at this company.

    Anadis & TMI win $1 million Government Grant for immunity stimulating
    infant formula
    Anadis Ltd (ASX: ANX) together with Tatura Milk Industries (TMI) are pleased
    to announce the winning of a research grant for approximately one million
    dollars. This Commonwealth Government Food Innovation Grant (“FIG” grant)
    is for research aimed at developing a specialty milk powder for human infant
    formula. This new product will contain naturally high levels of anti-oxidants -
    which appears to be important in the immune development of children. The
    new product is part of the Anadis Tatura Innovation Engine Room (ATIER)
    development pipeline which is aimed at creating high value dairy products.
    The rewards from the sale of this product will be shared by Anadis and TMI.
    The Anadis / TMI project is based on the development of a health enhanced
    infant and child formula product for Asia.
    Infants are born with poorly developed immune systems, and immune health
    is more significant in Asia than in the West because of enhanced risks from
    diseases such as viral and bacterial gastroenteritis, respiratory diseases and
    Enterovirus 71 (a polio-like virus) which has recently emerged in Taiwan and
    The total market size is approximately 290,000 metric tonnes with a wholesale
    value of AUD $1.6 Billion, growing at an average of 5% per year. By volume:
    China 52%, Indonesia 16%, Japan 12%, South Korea 10% and Taiwan 10%.
    If successful, the Anadis / TMI team expect significant interest from
    consumers for this product.
    Expected benefits of this formula include:
    • Enhanced immune protection for infants
    arising from the capacity of antioxidants to
    stimulate immune function.
    • Safe and effective function based on
    matching the anti-oxidant function levels
    found in human breast milk.
    • Strong natural pathways for enhancing the
    anti-oxidant content. This is extremely
    favourable around the world and especially in
    • Evidence of health benefits for the cow
    arising from the speciality diet. The inference
    is that healthier cows will provide more
    healthy milk.
    One of the major differences in this project, from the usual approach of adding
    artificial forms of bio-actives to infant formula, is that the Anadis / TMI product
    is made naturally i.e, the cow includes the antioxidant in the milk - packaged
    much the same way it is in human mothers’ milk.
    There is already advanced interest from Asian distributors for this product.
    A natural pathways approach is being developed for introducing the
    antioxidant into cow’s milk and thereby into whole milk based infant and child
    formulas. The challenge exists to achieve breast-milk equivalent bioavailability
    and bioactivity of the antioxidant. This research project, up to pilot scale work,
    is to run for 2 years.
    This funding gives an enormous vote of confidence to product development
    initiatives under the ATIER committee - a research committee to co-develop
    new food products for Australia and overseas, particularly focused on
    Functional Foods and Nutraceuticals.
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