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new md ceo and direction

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    GOA have recently appointed Mr Greg Starr as MD and CEO, previous CEO of Emporer and Michelago Ltd. See attached:


    IMO significant result for GOA with employment of CEO with large company experience in similar areas to some of GOA's key projects. Will be also interesting to see what share package he ops for.

    Previous GOA management were clearly spreading resources too far for a small company with projects in NorthQueensland/WA/PNG/China/Khazakstan and Brazil. This was reflected in the slow to abismal progress in most projects over last 3 years.

    If GOA digs itself out of this hole IMO it will be on the back of new MD efforts to unlock value in currents projects by JV/selling or discarding to move forward. For example Croyden projects are clear JV opportunity for others with deeper pockets than GOA.

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