UKD united kimberley diamonds nl

new listing..whats the potential

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    hi guys..

    (ukd) new listing..

    any thoughts on it's potential..

    pretty sure it raised $10million in the ipo

    United Kimberley Diamonds NL (UKD) is a diamond and nickel explorer with three
    prospective diamond projects in the Kimberley region of Western Australia and
    three nickel tenements, one only 10 km from the world class Mount Keith nickel
    mine in WA.

    PHILLIPS RANGE PROJECT: The Phillips Range project in the Central Kimberley
    includes the Aries diamondiferous kimberlite complex with an area of
    approximately 18 hectares. Phillips Range is the most advanced of UKD’s projects
    with 7,554 diamonds already recovered with a total weight of 1,819 carats. Of
    these diamonds, 95% were of gem quality. It is planned for a new drilling
    technique to be applied at Phillips Range. This new technique is called "Bauer
    drilling" which generates a wide diameter (up to 2.3 metres) drill hole sample
    at a rate of up to 10 tonnes per metre drilled.

    ELLENDALE SOUTH PROJECT : The project is located in the West Kimberley lamproite
    province. The primary exploration target is non-magnetic pipes. Historic
    sampling has yielded the equivalent of 35 microdiamonds per 100 kg.

    NORTH ARGYLE PROJECT (95%): Located in the East Kimberley immediately north of
    the Argyle diamond mine. The project has the potential for new diamondiferous
    pipe discoveries and both nickel and diamonds in the Bow River Prospect.

    MOUNT KEITH PROSPECT: The Mount Keith project is a nickel play based upon a
    distinct linear magnetic anomaly 10 km to the north east of the Mount Keith
    nickel mine. The project is prospective for nickel. A shallow reconnaissance RAB
    drilling program is scheduled to commence after listing on the ASX.

    ANZAC HILL PROSPECT: The Anzac Hill project consists of one licence under joint
    venture. The prospect lies 10 km south east of the Yarrawindah Brook Ni-Cu-PGM
    mafic/ultramafic complex. The project is prospective for nickel and platinum
    group elements.

    BOW RIVER PROSPECT: The Bow River prospect area is located 40 km north of the
    Sally Malay nickel deposit in the east Kimberley. The project is prospective for
    intrusive related nickel-copper-cobalt sulphide deposits.

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