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New Linius Football page link on Twitter

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    A few hours ago Linius put the following link up on Twitter.


    This looks like a new page about its application in football (although the end of the video clip shows a matrix of a multitude of different sports). The unusual things about this page is that for such a short page it says 7 times: "Find out more" and provides 7 click-ons for people who are inquiring to request information from Linius.

    The following is speculation and may simply be wrong and prove to be false in a short time. But when I look at this page, what crosses my mind is that it has been put there with the expectation that all of a sudden lots of people are going to look at it and ask for information from Linius. Otherwise, the page doesn't really make sense to me. But, the only way I can see such an influx of interest from basically nowhere is if there is an imminent high-profile public announcement, that would make people want to get information from Linius because they see it being relevant to them. Obviously this would be about football and given the UK-based recruiting it has recently done would likely be the English Premier League. If it were to be successfully done in the EPL it would quickly go to the world. That would be big.

    I am reluctant to speculate and others here may look at the same page and not see what I see. Also, I much prefer being fact based. But, does anyone else interpret this new page in the way I do, or am I reading too much into it? This would also explain the conundrum myASX rightly highlights. Linius would spend money in the way it is doing now, recruiting people and so on, if it new that it was going to receive a source of income to cover these costs in the near term (i.e., before it runs out of money in a couple of months). Of course, as of now, such an announcement has not been made and we know where the share price is. The EPL season has just kicked off. If Linius is to be utilised during the current season, it has to get its product into the marketplace now. (How its product would be deployed, through one App or broadcaster or multiple club-based Apps is another question).
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