new Lib Policy needed

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    The Libs need new policies more than a new leader and Lib ideologues
    are simply too dense to realise it.

    The Libs need to:
    (a) tax multinationals who are evading tax via tax havens
    (b) Remove the company tax reduction of 1.5% (restore the 30%)
    (c) prevent middle class taxpayers from using Pty Ltd companies and Family Trusts
    to reduct their top tax rates.
    (d) review the taxation of resources:
    -encourage/compel States to tax resources on volume and not price
    -encourage miners to process a %age of their raw product in lieu of tax concessions
    -require %age of local equity in all future foreign buy-outs (like Indonesia)
    (e) encourage fuel self sufficiency within 6 years (like the USA)
    (f) recognise Japanese, EU & US vehicle safety standards so that small business
    and working class Australians can benefit from the Japan Free Trade Deal.
    (this would reduce the $ value of our auto imports by up to $3 billion/yr)
    (g) encourage the development of agribusiness (similar to NZ)
    (h) encourage States to remove the street value of licences such as Taxis and Fishing
    to reduce the cost of transport and fish.
    (i) rationalise the delivery of social services , IE, localise the delivery of welfare /unemployment
    services and nationalise health and education.
    (j) Introduce legislation to ensure that Native Title Claims are not impeding onshore resource exploration/development
    (k) defer the allocation of Citizenship to illegal entrants out to 10 years and deny family
    reunion rights till then.

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