New layout worst ever

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    This new layout must be the worst ever incarnation of Hotcopper.

    Things I don't like:

    -too cramped. An improvement would be too take away the left hand window and place it horizontally along the top.

    -split windows vertically, allowing more info to be shown.

    -when opening a post with replies lets see the whole tread together instead of individual posts. Very annoying this one.

    -where's the search function?

    -when "opening" a tread the top window goes back to the top of page. I therefore have to continually scroll down to find my place. This is also very annoying.

    -please abandon the idea of a forum "by stock". Although especially interested in particular stocks at any one time, the idea of Hotcopper is to be alerted to new opportunities/developments. I therefore like to at least view all asx headers. What chance do we have if we have to guess the asx code of the latest hot stock?

    -please allow a post preview before posting

    In summary, please give us back our old hotcopper.

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