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new laws to benefit intermoco services + sales

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    In QLD, the department of Infrastructure and Planning issued an e-lert update today for new Building Laws...

    "From 1 January, new regulations come into effect that:

    mandate the completion of a sustainability declaration before a house, townhouse (class 1) or unit (class 2) is marketed for sale
    mandate existing houses and townhouses (class 1 buildings) located in a reticulated natural gas area to install a greenhouse efficient hot water system (i.e. gas, solar or heat pump) when an existing electric resistance hot water system needs replacing
    mandate electricity sub-metering in multi-residential (class 2) and office (class 5) buildings
    prohibit new and some existing covenants and body corporate by-laws from banning certain design and energy efficient features or fixtures of a house, townhouse (class 1a buildings), unit (class 2 buildings) or enclosed garages (class 10a building).".....
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