new invention makes $16m just vanish

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    New invention makes $16m just vanish

    This puppy has been barking for a long time, but it looks like Adams Platform Technology - the whiz-bang compression breakthrough hyped as being bigger than Microsoft - has finally fulfilled its promise and emerged as a dog.

    APT, the brainchild of 20-something backyard inventor Adam Clark, promised to make other compression software obsolete overnight by sending video images down phone lines faster than ever before imagined.

    The humble Clark refused to let people look under the hood at the electronics driving his device, but was happy to show them the final images.

    At one roadshow for potential investors, a fund manager tried to leave early but was intercepted at the door by a big man with no neck who told him to resume his seat.

    This did not worry the happy-go-lucky guys at the ASX-listed miner-turned-dotcom Media World Communications, who handed over $16 million to Clark for rights to the technology.

    Media World Communications chairman Michael Ramsden said last night that his company's technicians had been unable to match the performance they had been promised.

    One director of Media World Communications has already resigned over the flop.

    Ramsden said he was planning to have a chat with Clark soon.

    It is unclear whether Media World Communications will be able to retrieve any money from Clark if the technology fails to change the world as promised.

    Rear Window understands that other inventors are lining up to speak to Ramsden and Media World Communications.


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