new idea an old idea for new idea

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    WHAT IF?

    You had a good idea that could provide suitable employment for all (if chosen) and those who at the top were good-hearted and administered not greedily, neither wastefully? I believe the desert could bloom and the strong and weak could find a good place.

    I fear that we are currently slaves building pyramids, a serpent is behind the throne lying to those at the top, lying to us about false freedoms, all, really, are enslaved in various ways. Far as the eye can see, there is wilderness encroaching, looming.

    When we decide to take our freedom, there will undoubtedly be the temptation to do an Achan, set up a few golden calves, as we tromp round in circles, with the dust kicked up by treading wasteland, denuded of vegetation. Nitrogen, remaining unfixed, fills much of the air and growing algae and diatoms in the sea, lakes, rivers. In addition to the carbon dioxide that is being poured into it, frozen methanes are about to thaw, ice on land is melting underneath.......... and we are still trying to build pyramids?

    Sure, major earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, asteroids can really stuff up a nice day at the beach. Perhaps there is a way to manage those, not sure if we will find those ways building pyramids.

    The new idea is really an original idea, very old.

    Sentiment? SELL the false idea to None, BUY the good old original idea and share it wisely...... any hearers on Hot Copper?
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