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    Continued pre-clinical testing of the Meditech Research Limited
    anti-cancer drug HyDOX(TM), has demonstrated that it substantially
    reduces heart damage that is often associated with doxorubicin
    chemotherapy. Breast and many other cancer patients are commonly
    treated with doxorubicin but prolonged treatment results In
    irreversible heart damage which reduces the amount of treatment a
    patient can tolerate with this efficacious, but toxic chemotherapy.
    Meditech Research has developed HyDOX(TM) a doxorubicin-hyaluronan
    combination using its patented HyACT(TM) platform technology. Prof
    Richard Fox of the Centre for Development of Cancer Therapeutics said
    "Earlier pre-clinical studies comparing HyDOX(TM) with doxorubicin
    alone clearly demonstrated that the Meditech product has superior
    anti-tumour capabilities so we are particularly encouraged that the
    reduction in cardiotoxicity seen in pre-clinical testing will be
    confirmed in human clinical trials. This could enable cancer patients
    to receive a treatment protocol with HyDOX(TM) that improves tumour
    response, substantially reduces associated toxicity, and offers the
    prospect of prolonged patient survival as well."

    Researchers at Monash University (Melbourne), University of
    Queensland and University of Western Australia utilised an animal
    model which has been developed by the USA Food and Drug
    Administration (FDA) as the best method of testing cardiotoxicity of
    drugs. Findings from these pre-clinical studies demonstrated a 3-fold
    reduction in heart damage using Meditech's HyDOX(TM).

    Several companies sell products designed specifically to mitigate
    heart damage related to the administration of anti-cancer products
    such as doxorubicin. None of these offer any enhanced anti-tumor
    activity. The annual market for the two most widely used of these
    products is approximately US$120million(1). In contrast, HyDOX(TM)
    would offer an alternative which is not only far less costly to
    produce, but would provide anti-tumor effects as well as reduced

    Meditech Research has recently completed the Phase 1 human trialling
    of HyDOX(TM) and is currently in the design phase for Phase 2 human
    testing. This new finding that HyDOX(TM) reduces heart damage will
    assist Meditech in the design of an even more focused and effective
    Phase 2 study.


    Professor Richard Fox: (03) 0342 7695
    Dr Tracey Brown, (03) 9905 3760
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