New Financial Term - Liquidity Event

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    Had to laugh when I saw this - and of course bring it to the attention of this esteemed forum for all our financial education!!! lol!!

    The term is LIQUIDITY EVENT

    First saw it used today in regard to Peakhour where they are talking about a refund of capital to shareholders. This is a 'liquidity event'.

    In the case of Peakhour some shareholders are particularly looking forward to the 'liquidity event' ie the ones that contributed to the last capital raising, because they were promised that if they contributed and there was a 'liquidity event' they would be given back 4 times the amount they contributed.

    How does one get invited to such an event ?

    Presumeably the term ca also be stretched to other uses. In this case, BDL would be 'suffering' a liquidity event, ie when they run out of liquidity.

    Sounds so much better and sophisticated than going broke, don't you think.....
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