New East Timor gasfield claim.

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    I note from todays West Australian that East Timor has now claimed 100% of the Sunrise gasfield despite the fact that 80% of it is in Australian waters:

    East Timor lays claim to Greater Sunrise gas field


    EAST Timor will claim 100 per cent of Greater Sunrise - the biggest gas reserve identified in the Timor Sea, East Timorese Prime Minister Mari Alkatiri said today.

    Dr Alkatiri told the South East Asia Australia Offshore Conference in Darwin that Canberra had agreed to discuss new maritime boundaries between the two countries which were not settled by the yet to be ratified Timor Sea Treaty.

    He later said East Timor would claim all of the 8.4 trillion cubic feet fields.

    "Our claim is very clear: it applies to current international law," Dr Alkatiri told reporters.

    "Sunrise should be 100 per cent East Timorese.

    "This is the point. That's where we are but we are open to negotiation."

    Australia's position is that 80 per cent of Greater Sunrise lies in Australian territorial waters.

    The remaining 20 per cent should be shared as it lies in the Joint Petroleum Development Area.


    My question is: what Australian oilers are likely to be affected by this claim if it is successful?

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