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    Malcolm Dick, who was appointed to the Board of Swiftel on 1st September, has been buying options on-market – a bullish indicator if ever there was one!

    The M Dick Family Trust had acquired 1,150,000 SWTOA’s by the date of the Initial Director’s Interest Notice released to the market on the 19th.

    Interestingly, these must be in addition to the options proposed for issue as part of the placement to “parties associated with industry professionals Colin Marland and Malcolm Dick” announced on 13th August, as the issue of those options has yet to be endorsed by shareholders.

    Just to remind you, Malcolm Dick is a co-founder and board member of Call Plus, currently the largest privately owned telecom service provider in New Zealand.

    The fact that Mr Dick has adopted such an aggressive investment stance augers exceptionally well for Swiftel.
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