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    October 2003

    Asia Pacific and Go Connect launch English Language Learning on wireless and
    fixed line.

    ABC Asia Pacific extends its program distribution via the
    unique technology of GoTrek and m-Vision.


    The Board of Directors of GoConnect
    Limited (“GoConnect”) and the Asia Pacific arm of the Australian
    Broadcasting Corporation are pleased to advise that the two organizations have
    entered into an agreement which will see ABC Asia Pacific’s English Language
    Learning programming distributed on GoConnect’s GoTrek EV and m-Vision
    platforms throughout the Asia Pacific region.

    GoConnect’s video subscription
    services, which are accessible on the fixed line Internet through GoTrek or via
    wireless devices (Pocket PC, Pocket PC phones and soon the Microsoft Smartphones)
    using the m-Vision application, will now include ABC Asia Pacific’s highly
    popular English language program English Bites.

    The English Bites program is
    broadcast on ABC Asia Pacific on PanAm Satellites PAS-8 and PAS-2 and has proven
    very popular within the Asia Pacific region.
    English Bites is designed to assist English language
    learning by looking at the language used in stories from popular ABC programmes.

    ABC Asia Pacific is Australia’s
    international satellite television service telecasting into 30 countries in
    North and South Asia and the Pacific and is accessible in 13.5 million homes.
    Drawing on the resources of its network of regional reporters, ABC Asia Pacific
    presents cosmopolitan and comprehensive coverage of the Asia Pacific from a
    regional perspective. GoConnect’s subscription service on fixed line Internet,
    GoTrek EV, is progressively building its global online subscriber base. In
    addition to this, consumers with mobile devices including Pocket PC, Pocket PC
    phone, and soon the Smartphone, are also able to subscribe to the service via

    Nicola Reeves, Marketing Manager for ABC Asia Pacific Online said, “The Agreement represents a
    significant step for ABC Asia Pacific in its aim to reach a wider audience and
    continue its push into new distribution channels. We have reviewed GoConnect’s
    unique technology for the distribution of video programs and found GoTrek EV on
    the fixed line and m-Vision in the wireless environment most exciting in terms
    of their potential for audience growth. The combination of ABC Asia Pacific’s
    popular programs and GoConnect’s already commercialized distribution platforms
    can be expected to add significant value to our two organizations.”

    Commenting on the announcement today, Mr
    Richard Li, Chairman of GoConnect, said, “ We are delighted to have secured
    the interest of ABC Asia Pacific in partnering with us for the promotion of
    GoTrek EV and m-Vision via the distribution of ABC Asia Pacific programs. The
    media industry has for a long time been promising convergence of various
    distribution technologies for video programs. This Agreement represents the
    delivery of that promise on technology convergence to achieve audience growth.
    From satellite TV to online TV, from fixed line to mobile Internet, the new
    world of media is evolving at a rapid pace and GoConnect is proud to be able to
    work with ABC Asia Pacific to deliver total media convergence.’

    For further details regarding this
    release, please contact Ms Nicola Reeves, ABC, Asia Pacific on +61 2 8333 2084,
    or email her
    [email protected], or Mr Richard Li, Chairman, GoConnect
    Ltd, on +61 3 99937000 or email him at
    [email protected].

    For further information ABC-Asia
    Pacific, please visit

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