new consultative tony won't do megaphone diplomacy

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    I heard our born-again consultative leader say that he wasn't going to engage in "megaphone diplomacy" with Indonesia to possibly help the cause of the two Australians facing imminent death by firing squad.

    After his ridiculous use of megaphone diplomacy with Indonesia re asylum seekers when Tony first came to office, and his embarrassing use of it with Putin (shirtfronting), it seems he's learning some basic common sense for the meantime.

    However, the unfortunate, tragic irony of his new learning process, is that this is one occasion when well chosen (might be asking a bit much of Tony) megaphone diplomacy could arguably be warranted. I'm sure the two Australians who are about to be shot would be happy to see the Australian leader try anything as a last resort.

    Why doesn't Abbott visit Indonesia now on a specific trip to help save the lives of two reformed Australian young men?

    The answer may sadly be, because our relations with Indonesia have been harmed so much by Abbott, that his presence might be viewed like it was during the Qld election campaign.

    Yep, forget that idea.

    Malcolm Turnbull could go perhaps.
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