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    Pointless doing this until changes in the way the existing forums work are implemented. I posted on this in feedback in the first week of HCII. Current categories are not being used correctly all of the time as it is without adding more categories and confusion.

    The very first thing we need is the ability to select multiple forums to view at members choice. So I might like to view ASX-by stock and ASX - General and no others for example.

    The second thing that needs to change is the format for viewing forums. We need to be able to view a selection of furums at members choice but to be able to view them in the same format as you can view the "whole forum" (latest posts). The current format of viewing individual forums sucks, is slower to load that "Latest Posts format" and only shows thread heads with + signs initially. Too slow, difficult to quickly check latest losts in these individual forums and is just unworkable. I rarely use them for this reason and I don't know anyone who does.

    So, fix these issues and then you might have a chance with expanding forum categories. Also, we need to have the ability to change the forum a post is on within a thread. Often, threads are incorectly atributed to a forum and then once the thread has started, you have no ability to corect the thread via your own post. This sucks. In HCI you could do this.

    While I am on the "lets fix it" bandwagon, lets get the personal details section fixed so that basic info on a member like "when they joined", "number of posts" etc shows even if they have not added to their profile. I find thios very annoying. Also, the e-mail address section does not work (where you opt to show your e-mail address to all, it is still not visible).

    Finally, the number of times a post is read is still not fixed. So how about it Pat? can you please take the time to reply to this post with your thoughts and expected timeframes to fix things?
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