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    Heron Is was my last foray with my trusty Canon compac and clearly one more accidental dip in the salt finally did it in. what to get when there's not a shekel around. Then I remembered all my freq flyer points and suddenly the proud owner of a Sony HX90V. And so far, love it. Zeiss lens; 30x optical zoom; and a viewfinder!!! Also a focusing ring on the lens which I haven't seen before on a compac camera. Anyway, some early pics.

    My maggie friend suddenly took off down the rail when the camera was pointed. Caught her when she finally decided to take a peek
    The last full moon at full mag
    Relaxing on the golf course. Why can't I do that.
    Feed time for joey
    On the golf course today. A pair of Tawneys looking all the world like broken branches..........
    .......until one decides to investigate my presence

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