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new cabinet announced

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    Sunday, 16-Dec 2007

    Garowe, Puntland: The President, H.E. Mohamud Musse Hersi announced changes to the Council of Ministers. In this reshuffle, new Ministers have been appointed while others were reshuffled to new Ministries.

    Key appointments included: a new Minister of Planning and the International Cooperation, a New Minister of the Interior, Security & DDR (Disarmament, Demobilization, and Reintegration), and the establishment of the Ministry of Oil and Minerals (including the appointment of its a new Minister). After the swearing in ceremony, the President emphasized the need for this new cabinet to accomplish their responsibilities with commitment and integrity.

    The President also added,“Our top priority as a government continues to be the social and economic development of Puntland and this cabinet must always keep that in mind when carry out their duties�. The President, the Vice President, and members of the Council of Ministers were all present during the swearing in ceremony.

    The names of the new cabinet are as follows;

    1. Ministry of Religious & Justice
    Abdirisak Yasin Abdulle Minister
    Mohamud Farah Mohamud Deputy Minister

    2. Ministry of Interior
    Abdirashid Jama Barkhadle Minister
    Ibrahim Artan Ismail Deputy Minister
    Ahmed Aden Arab Deputy Minister

    3. Ministry of Security and DDR
    Gen. Abdillahi Saed Samatar Minister
    Farah Abdi Ahmed Deputy Minister
    Yasin Ali Abdille Deputy Minister

    4. Ministry of Finance
    Mohamed Ali Yusuf Minister
    Yasin Artan Mohamed Deputy Minister of Revenue
    Hassan Abdalla Hassan Deputy Minister of Administration

    5. Ministry of Planning & International Cooperation
    Hassan Mohamed Jibril Minister
    Ali Ahmed Gamute Deputy Minister of Planning
    Abdillahi Mohamed Barre Deputy Minister of International Cooperation

    6. Ministry of Public Works and Transport
    Abdillahi Ali Hersi Minister
    Nur Hassan Farah Deputy Minister
    Ali Mohamed Warsame Deputy Minister

    7. Ministry of Commerce and Industry
    Abdisamad Yusuf Mohamed Minister
    Abdi Yasin Hersi Deputy Minister

    8. Ministry of Livestock, Agriculture,and the Environment
    Ali Jama Farah Minister
    Hassan Dahir Mohamud Deputy Minister of Livestock
    Mohamud Mohamed Sh. Ibrahim Deputy Minister of Agriculture & the Environment

    9. Ministry of Oil and Minerals
    Hassan Osman Mohamud Minister

    10. Ministry of Fisheries, Ports, Marine Transport and Marine Resources
    Ahmed Said Aw Nur Minister
    Abdiweli Abdirahman Geyre Deputy of Fisheries
    Abdulqadir Muse Yusuf Deputy Minister of Ports and Marine Transport

    11. Ministry of Labor and Youth
    Abdinur Ilmi Mohamud Minister
    Ali Ahmed Farah Deputy Minister

    12. Ministry of Health
    Dr. Abdirahman Said Mohamud Minister
    Abdirahman Dirie Deputy Minister

    13. Ministry of Education
    Mohamud Bille Dube Minister
    Abdi Mohamed Mohamud Deputy Minister
    Keyse Awil Ladane Deputy Minister

    14. Ministry of Information, Telecommunication and Culture
    Abdirahman Mohamed Salah Minister
    Abdulqadir Gelle Mohamed Deputy Minister

    15. Ministry of Women Development’s and Family Affairs
    Asha Gelle Dirie Minister
    Burale Yusuf Weris Deputy Minister

    16. State Ministry for Security
    Jama Hirsi Farah State Minister

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