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new birkhead zone ?

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    I'm going through the annoucements, and DST3 is in the Birkhead/Hutton layer at 1636-1641m, which below the DST2 layer at 1619-1634m.

    If this comes through, then that adds to the oil reserves at Christies, because ...

    Christies-1 (field size 0.3-1.0 mmbo) is based on a single Birkhead layer.

    Christies-2 has two Namur layers and two Birkhead layers, two of which have been DST'd, with a third DST to come.

    Top Namur layer flowed at, what 1900 bopd. Bottom Namur is said to be similar, based on wireline logs and pressure.

    Top Birkhead didnt really flow, but oil was recovered ... probably similar to Christies-1 (ie 300 bopd with jet pumping etc).

    Bottom Birkhead is being DST'd.

    Right now, I think Christies is going to be upgraded from 0.3-1mmbo to about 2 mmbo.

    Now, with the Namur being productive in Christies-2, you'd expect that the boys at Cooper and Beach are going thru the Christies 3D seismic results, looking for nearby traps in the Namur.

    I'd be very surprised if they couldnt find them.

    Ian Whitchurch
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