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    Eagle-Eyed Worker Unravels Toilet Roll Rip-Off
    Wed Sep 25,11:02 AM ET

    LONDON (Reuters) - Counting toilet roll sheets proved a success for a vigilant British worker who won his employer thousands of pounds in compensation after he discovered that some rolls were not as long as they should be.

    West Somerset District Council said on Wednesday it went to court after its employee Ian Jewell counted several rolls and found they had only 200 sheets, not the 320 stated in the contract with its supplier.

    Jewell became suspicious after staff of the western England council said they felt they ran out of toilet roll too quickly.

    "We immediately discovered the errors and realized there was a large cost implication to the council which needed to be recovered," Jewell said.

    The council, which uses an estimated 40,000 toilet rolls a year, won $28,100 in compensation and said it was now considering to give Jewell time off for his detective work.

    The supplier, Allscan, declined to comment.

    Should hire this guy to do the audits on some of the US companies!!

    good trades
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