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    24 July, 2003


    Company Announcement Office

    Australian Stock Exchange Limited



    Dear Sir/Madam

    Re: Launch of adult video subscription service to the global gay and
    lesbian community on fixed line and wireless Internet

    The Board of Directors of GoConnect Ltd ("GCN") and that of QSoft
    Consulting Ltd ("QSoft") are pleased to advise that the two groups
    have joined forces to launch a gay and lesbian adult video subscription channel
    to the global gay and lesbian community. This service is expected to go live
    within the next 4 weeks. The launch of this new service is in line with GCN’s
    ongoing business strategy of leveraging the company’s unique GoTrek
    application in delivering high definition compelling Internet television to
    targeted audience, and the substantial distribution base of the company’s
    various affiliate partners.

    QSoft is a global gay and lesbian consumer communications expert. QSoft is
    based in the UK and owns and operates a number of gay and lesbian meeting
    portals branded as Gaydar.co.uk and a radio
    network dedicated to the gay and lesbian community branded as Gaydar Radio. The
    Gaydar sites have monthly unique visitors of in excess of 1 million people.
    According to Hitwise reports, the Gaydar brand of websites have an aggregate
    market share of 78% of all UK based websites dedicated to the gay and lesbian

    Gaydar Radio broadcasts to London on Digital Audio Broadcast and across
    Europe and on Sky Digital Channel 908. Gaydar Radio also broadcasts over the
    Internet via its website located at www.gaydarradio.com. Gaydar Radio has
    audited monthly unique listeners of 650,000 people spread around the world.
    Independent ABC Audits show Gaydar Radio to be one of the most popular Internet
    radio stations in the UK. Hitwise report also indicates that the Gaydar Radio
    website ranks no. 1 amongst all Internet radio sites based in the UK.

    GCN entered into an affiliate partnership agreement with QSoft in June last
    year and licensed to QSoft the a GoTrek application, branded as Ourworld TV, for
    distribution via the Gaydar websites and primarily via the Gaydar Radio website.
    GCN also represents Gaydar.com.au in
    advertising sales in Australia and has generated increasing advertising revenue
    for QSoft. GCN’s partnership with QSoft has progressed well and Gaydar Radio
    has also recently become a marketing agent for GCN’s TheBestMix online music
    competition, generating significant referral traffic to www.thebestmix.com from
    Gaydar Radio’s listeners from all over the world.

    Both GCN and QSoft have been reviewing the two companies’ strengths over
    the past few months and have accordingly decided to join forces to conduct a
    trial to examine the feasibility for the launch of an adult video entertainment
    channel to the global gay and lesbian community via Ourworld TV. After a very
    successful trial over the past two months to over 1,000 registered members, the
    two companies have decided to launch an adult video entertainment subscription
    channel on Ourworld TV for the global gay and lesbian community.

    Trial results in the past two months have shown a very satisfactory
    acceptance rate for the new channel with the audience age group of 18 to 54
    showing the strongest interest. The downloading and activation of Ourworld TV
    has also been increasing at an exponential rate each week. Since video content
    delivered via the GoTrek application is interactive, of even greater
    significance, trial results also indicate that clickthrough rates of the
    Ourworld TV video content have ranged from over 40% to 200%. This is an
    incredible result considering average Internet clickthrough rates of less than
    0.5% being the norm.

    It is the objective of GCN and QSoft to launch an online subscription service
    for the video content already secured. It is also the objective of GCN to launch
    a similar premium video service on the company’s recently launched m-Vision
    video subscription service to add to its existing basic content package for the
    mobile device market. With the substantial market share and distribution power
    of the Gaydar brand, this new video subscription channel can be marketed very
    cost effectively around the world. Based on the strong interest already shown in
    the trial service, both GCN and QSoft believe such a service will generate
    substantial subscription revenue and eventually, sponsorship and advertising

    Yours sincerely,

    Richard Li


    GoConnect Ltd



    For further details regarding this release, please contact Mr Henry
    Badenhorst, Director, QSoft on +44 20 88926999, or email him at [email protected],
    or Mr Richard Li, Chairman, GoConnect Ltd, on +61 3 99937000 or email him at
    [email protected] .






    About QSoft Consulting Ltd

    QSoft Consulting Ltd ("QSoft"), based in the UK, is a global gay
    and lesbian consumer media communications company. Through the various Internet
    portals and radio network it owns and operates, it offers a direct marketing
    route to over 1 million online consumers from the gay and lesbian community. The
    gay and lesbian community has been regarded as amongst the most educated
    professionals earning above the average national income. With a typical gay or
    lesbian household with two income and no children, it is easy to understand why
    the gay and lesbian community is amongst the higher socio economic groups. It is
    also easy to understand why an increasing number of mainstream consumer brands
    are now actively targeting the gay and lesbian consumers.

    QSoft’s Gaydar brand of websites consistently rank among the top ten
    domains in a number of major countries including the UK and Australia. These
    sites in aggregate generate a minimum of 25 million page impressions per day;
    deliver over 140 million banners monthly, and a minimum of 150,000 unique
    visitors per day.

    About GoConnect Ltd

    GoConnect Ltd ("GCN") is an online media communications company
    listed on the Australian and German stock exchanges. GCN prides itself on its
    ability to deliver TV quality interactive audio/video content via the Internet
    regardless of the connection speed of the user, broadband or narrowband, wired
    or wireless with the use of its patented GoTrek push technology.

    Having successfully introduced GoTrek TV to the fixed line Internet world,
    GCN has now extended GoTrek as a video subscription service branded as m-Vision
    to the wireless Internet, again defying the limitations of WiFi, GPRS, CDMA1x,
    or 3G in delivering TV quality audio/video to the mobile device. With the
    patented GoTrek push technology, consumers can finally receive "Mobile
    Media" in TV quality over the wireless Internet on hand held devices.

    GCN is working with a number of WiFi hotspot operators, mobile carriers and
    mobile device vendors in Asia and Australia to adopt m-Vision to promote the
    usage of the wireless Internet network. As a push technology, GoTrek enables
    mobile carriers to optimize the utilization of their network capacity over the
    24 hours, providing far superior economies and efficiency to a mobile network
    compared to the current on-demand system of retrieving video or other content
    onto the mobile device. For content providers, again unlike the current system
    of on-demand video, pulled and downloaded onto the handset by the subscriber,
    the m-Vision service is supported by a sophisticated content management system
    to ensure that GCN, rather than the subscriber, retains the ultimate control
    over the content delivered.





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