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never seen gold stocks so cheap

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    market conditions remind me of 2000/2001 when you could pick up juniors at give away prices. many punters made 10 times their money in the rally into 2003/04

    given the potential cash margins now of over $600 ounces, the forward pe ratio on stocks like MCO, GDR, ATV and other high quality juniors is less than one. they are trading at a value of less than 5% of the inground value of their resources

    thats cheap!you won't see this for long

    all I can say is that when these babies finally take off we are in for a one rocket ride

    when the rally starts you can then scale up buying when you are confident the bull trend is set, just like in 03/04 and 05/06 bull rallies.

    I follow a gold stock timing service from the US called Ski.The Ski system just gave a buy signal after being in cash for a while. I believe the trigger for the rally will be gold cracking $1000

    hang on for the ride!

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