I think a miracle would be that you actually acknowledge the...

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    I think a miracle would be that you actually acknowledge the conservatives on here are also entitled to an opinion, which I dare to say, is different to yours without being accused of being part of some sort of synchronised right wing group. I wouldn't have a clue who other posters on here are. You unfortunately led with your chin, especially in the last few days of the campaign, when you told everyone on here that the polls were wrong and should in fact have been more in favour of the ALP.
    What do you expect when you adopt that attitude. You have to be prepared to cop it on the chin.
    Oh and just as an anecdote of a smear campaign conducted by an ALP member. David Templeman, an ALP Minister implied that Andrew Hastie should not represent his constituency because he had lived outside of WA.… To give this a little bit of time to sink in...… the reason why Andrew Hastie lived outside WA at various times was because of his involvement in the defence force within Australia, protecting Australia.
    The same ALP Minister accused Andrew Hastie of trying to influence religious leaders to vote for the LNP. This allegation was proved to be false.
    So eagle888 before taking your holier than thou attitude, have a look on your side of politics.
    "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned"

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