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never ever ever

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    The same people who are saying VCR will never see a complete retrace were also the same people who said NRT and CMQ would not retrace.

    In the case of CMQ the price that it would "Never" see was $5.15.

    Current CMQ can be found HERE.

    Fortunately though, by the time it does what they said it will never do they can reasonably hope you will have forgotten.

    Gravity doesn't just work on bricks, LOL!

    There is a positive message that the stock rampers sometimes miss in what they see as criticism of their stocks. That positive is that when a stock completes a fibonacci retrace such as you will see in the CMQ chart it confirms a solid base for the next run up.

    I therefore see strong price pullbacks as a GOOD sign.

    The smart of course ignore all the fundamentalist bullsh*t and sell the huge rallies knowing that with a little patience they will be able to buy all their stock back from the naive at a considerably lower price for the next run...

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