Networking Question

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    Hi all,

    I'm after some assistance with fixing a network problem that I have.

    I run a small network that has a Windows 2000 Server edition with a couple of Windows 98 clients. The network has utilised a dial up connection for internet access and everything has been working fine including sharing the internet connection.

    I have just had Bigpond ADSL connected (on the server) and the email and internet surfing from the server all works fine. Also, the internal communication within the network is working fine. The difficulty I have is that I cannot get the email working from the clients and (now for the really wierd bit), the clients can get to some web sites but not others. I cannot find any theme to this partial access. Whne I ping selected sites form the clients I get the same result - some sites give good results and otheres continually time out. When I switch the internet connection back to the dial up, everything works fine again.

    On the server, there are now three network connections - one for the LAN and two for the ADSL connection. I'm not sure if this is correct as I have no experience with ADSL although my Cable connection only has the one network connection.

    I can't ask the Telstra tech guys as Bigpond ADSL is "not supported" on Windows Server 2000 and they point blank refuse to even listen to my description of the problem.

    Any advice or leads as to where I might get some assistance would be greatly appreciated.


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