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    A review of the announcements on REU indicates that it has secured its debt funding.Announcements continue to say it doesn't have any problems and yet its share price reflects a company that has the bankers on its door step.The last reported NTA on REU was 31/10/07 at $1.14 and yet the shares are trading at 23c.That means its assets have fallen by $400 million.Short selling has taken place on the stock and once buyers pick up the undervalue the short sellers will need to cover.The shares will move fairly quickly.I have been buying in the last few days as I see it as a unique opportunity that would not come up that often.This view is based on the fundamentals of REU.By the way RAT and RJT are also good value.I prefer REU because it has lower gearing than the others.RJT however is property in Japan.
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