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neilsen... aussies are spending more online...

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    all has gone quiet in the groups on ANH - it was (IMHO) good value at 5 cents so must be better value at 30% below. While the news flow has been pretty sparse (only the brave have been releasing ANYTHING over the last two months)My intuition tells me that these guys are STILL in the right Place and STILL have lots of potential.

    The AFR today reports that Neilsen has found that 6,000,000 ausies bought something online in the lkast three months and that purchase of airtickets online was $1.65 billion in the last quarter. Online advertising drives the commerce and these guys make money from online advertising....

    Time to fear and emotion aside methinks and to focus on the facts... but these are the ramblings of a lightly informed fool and I strongly suggest you do your own research.
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