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negative emotions

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    I think these constant negative posters are fuelled by jealousy. What is the point of just posting cr*p without any backing to support it. You could have got in when it broke out at 37c and doubled your money by now.

    If your emotions are controlling your trading - be it fundamental or technical - you should not be in the game. Ask any of the most highly successful traders. Don't you guys read/study anything about the psychology of the stockmarket ?

    Here are some examples of "off the cuff" comments with no substantiation...

    jakem - "Get real advise people."
    gaits pssentop - "a t4p post is a kiss of death"
    Sandybeaches = "overbought and over ramped"
    Sandybeaches - "as i said before overbought and over ramped, we are in very dangerous waters IMO..."
    Moneytree - "Compared to STX, with $10m cash, $10 pa cash flow and an active drilling program with a market cap of $75m, GDN is worth 30 cents."
    hcraboc - "Theres more hydrocarbons coming out the exhaust of my Holden Kingswood... Really"
    Sandybeaches - "when you swim with sharks "make sure you don't get gobbled up"..LOL"
    hcraboc - "If you are lucky there maybe 5BCF of CO2"
    Sandbeaches - "if people were selling B.S on this thread today they'd make a monza.."

    Stan Cash
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