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negative campaign just ignore them

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    There seem to be a number of negative postings on GDN this morning from not your regular posters. They sounds like bitter pill comments or an intention to drive the share price down so they can buy back in or accumulate.

    Well, I've been following and watching GDN for over a year now and what I read about GDN potential to hit paydirt and what the company said they would do have been spot on and going according to what they have planned. Of course share price move up and down and there is no harm in taking profit but don't miss the bigger picture and that is a potential of couple of dollars stock for GDN.

    Next week will be big for GDN when they reach the remaining major targets but reading their announcements, it appears they're already got paydirt anyway. Just wait when we see all the major funds and instos start buying when the story of their gas discovery starting to spread.
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Currently unlisted public company.

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