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"Sold all my shares on Friday, after a hectic 3 days..."All.....

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    "Sold all my shares on Friday, after a hectic 3 days..."

    All.. are you talking about your 200,000 shares?
    Was that all? So you were a major CVI holder..?
    Sold on Friday....? You always disclose: no vested interest / no position in your posts, so how can you sell something you do not hold? And now you are busy talking the coy down. Fair go m8, fair go. Do you take CVI holders for complete fools? I hope you will front up at the AGM
    tomorrow and explain your actions. Where is your moral?

    Sorry, but I have also lost the final bit of respect.
    Ignore List from now on.

    As the CVI sp is finally starting to recover some ground
    HC is getting inundated with more and more desperate downramping posts 24/7 - with more and more outlandish
    comments. Team 123oneone is now suspended (about time)
    and so should you - for not disclosing your position.

    Personally I hold for the long haul (i.e. I will not sell for <$2). First I was looking at the 40-50c mark, then $1, but with the massive upside I have changed my target to at least $2. Trading in and out of a stock is fine (i.e if you
    only hold a few shares), but I am sure you will miss the big gains sooner or later, if not sooner.

    Cheers to all longs!
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