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needy and the greedy

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    Well here we are back in the comfort zone that where everyone wanted to be...22 to 25...

    Alot of work put in to get ot there...when you think about it being under 10c only 4 weeks ago...all culminating in THAT announcement at 2.00pm on Friday..absolutely perfect traders dream..and exactly to plan

    Who ever doubts the is the time to get out or forever hold your piece.

    Dont come on HC in a couple of weeks if the price falls back to under 19(danger zone time)...and having a winge

    The announcement..nothing in it...nothing that was traceable...3 prominent Angolan Businessmen...yet to be formed company...someone has been commissioned to finalize some possible arrangement..I have had the document framed.

    Was it really something that should have be given to the ASX..I doubt it.

    Sold all my shares on Friday, after a hectic 3 be honest...may try to look around tomorrow to see if we can muster together any more...but doubt it.

    So.. no more trading...nothing to trade with probably till later in week..when price drifts back down.

    The announcement was just in time for the NEEDY and the GREEDY....which one are you?
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