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Need some action soon- No sooner??

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    Hi all IVR'ers

    Looking at the last 1/4ly report on our $ position (but only some pertinent items) :-

    to 3/2019 to 9 months
    $, 000 $,000
    Spent on Exploration and Evaluation 261 816
    Staff Costs 69 565
    Administration 100 662

    Some comments :-
    Good to see the costs cut back -especially Staff/Admin. Seems the new captain has some good objectives. Strange (but so familiar with small exploration Coys -Bio Techs and other small ASX listed Coys etc) that we are an Exploration Coy and to 9 months $816,000 spent on that area yet $1,237,000 spent on Admin and Staff costs -- using those figures 39,47% on Exploration and 69,25% on Staff and Admin costs. Interesting ???? Of course there may have been some 1 off costs with staff reductions and payouts. However it is an area one should not overlook if one is invested in these small Coys. Some are -IMHO cash cows for the very few. Management seems, in some instances, to deviate from the original and main operations of the Coy.

    At 31-3-2019 we had $$1,570,000 in bank with an estimated $367,000 in expenses for 6/2019 1/4. OK then I my humble opinion I do hope we are getting very very close to some positive news. I would not like to see another Cap Raise as I believe it could be a disaster ( as some one commented about lady who backed into an operating aeroplane propeller- sorry I was getting too wrapped up in figures $$.
    And by positive news I hope something to do with- A JV...for Maslins (and quick action not one that will take many months to birth- as we may not have the fund to welcome a birth??? ). A JV with another Coy with a great address. Bite the bullet and drop a drill into Maslins (no ! maybe not not enough $$$$$$$). A takeover ... hummm what are we worth? Obviously what they will pay! We appear to have a very attractive address and as I said in my last posting ... we have a very shallow high grade silver deposit worth/or close to $1,000,000,000 -in ground) (looks better with 000s). Maybe whoever will be our suitor (if one is out there- or maybe just speculation- but hope not) is waiting for the new financial year???

    OK Guys any other ideas for our Coy- about how we can get some return for our patience- and of course our $$$$$$$$.
    Ideas for our Chief do to get our ship back on track?

    Delays will see our Bank account slowly depleted and then all we can do is head to Paris (no not the one in France- but somewhere in SA) with a pick and shovel to get a piece/share of our silver.

    Oh!!!! the speculation, stories dreams !!!!!!!!!! We just wait. Like sitting in a Dentist's waiting room and fantasising what the Dentist is going to do? Or in our case 'maybe not do'

    Sorry for the second rate (just rated myself) humour... and today no Phantom's cap on-- The Phantom suit got a small damage and is in for repairs...cannot disclose how that is done. The Jungle does not forgive when one travels at speed through it!

    Keep safe all -- keep dreaming as dreams do come true.~!!!!

    The Phantom GWW ( be away for a short time )

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