Need advise from the more mature and experienced

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    Was hoping for some advise from those with more experience.

    I personally have been involved in the stock market for quite a number of years - since the age of 18. I am 27 now and I have learnt from my mistakes. I never saturated myself over the years with economics, but over the last couple years I have taken a greater interest as my portfolio builds. I personally learnt to change my investment style from a small-cap focus towards companies that have made money (and with larger market caps) and I try to get in companies with dividends.

    I lost quite a lot of money in small caps when I was young, so it was a lot of money for me at the time. Instead of going overseas with mates, I thought I would be smart and invest it. Quite funny considering all the stocks are worth almost ZERO haha (these included CFU,OEL, SBM and some other ones). I have always loved equities since a young boy. In addition, I never had the funds or job security to jump into property so it offered me a chance to get involved without having to take out big morgages.

    I have learnt a lot but still consider myself to be a rookie compared to many/if not all on HC. I have finally made back my losses over the years. I am up about overall on my portfolio at 12.25%.

    My question is, is it appropriate to get advise whilst learning on the job? And if so, can anybody recommend perhaps a newsletter they hold highly? Or any financial services that are tailored towards small time guys like myself? (100Kish portfolio including cash).

    Thanks in advance for any help or guidance.
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