need advice on traveling thru usa in a van

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    My son (40 yrs old ) has asked if I ( 66yrs old ) can help in researching campervans/vans for his trip thru the USA, February 2014 as he’s flat out at work trying to finish up before Christmas.
    He hopes to start possibly from Miami, doing the tourist thing ( Grand Canyon, etc, etc), mainly camping and eventually crossing into Canada, this over a few months.

    1. He asked “what’s the possibility of buying a second hand campervan/van from a car yard or private seller.” My first thought “oh what a nightmare, Web surfing car yards and private dealers for a campervan/van in Miami or Orlando.”
    Whilst on the buying side maybe there is a company that sells and buys back at the end of his trip.

    2. What would be the pros and cons of buying (second hand) as against hiring a campervan/van, I myself would prefer to hire.

    3. Any Web sites of reliable companies hiring out campervans or vans as in Wicked, Jucy, Maui style would be appreciated , preferably someone who has had experience with such a company.

    4. Any travel Web site forums, along with personal experiences would be great.

    5. I've placed this post on the General site as well, more trafiic there along with this Lifestyle & Travel site here.


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