Need advice for 19 y.o Med student.

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    Hey guys,
    Im a nineteen year old medical student studying full time in his 2nd year of med school . In my 2nd year out of 6.

    This year, I have started private tutoring and earn upwards of around 400 a week, which essentially all goes into my savings account, since parents pay for accomodation and food. At the start of this year, I started day trading and earned a convincing amount, enough to actually make a living from it. However, I know this is unrealistic and my passion is to become a doctor anyway. Essentially, I was wondering, when and how should I start investing in property or other ventures so I can become more financially independent and stop freeloading off my parents. Although my parents dont mind and encourage me to freeload off them as they want me to concentrate on studies, I really do feel bad and want to prove to them I can be financially independent.

    My dream is to become an orthopaedic surgeon and own my clinic and to do this I have already started research of which hopefully my paper gets published this year.

    So essentially, what should my plan be in the short term and long term if I do want to earn a property / asset before 25yo.

    Thanks HC
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