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    Signed up for news on BlueGen at the Neco website recently. Today received this "BlueGen Newsletter" email. Reproduced (text only) below.


    Neco Appointed Distributor for Ceramic Fuel Cells

    In late November Ceramic Fuel Cells Limited announced to the Australian Stock Exchange that Neco had been appointed to sell BlueGen units throughout Australia.

    This was a real coup for Neco which has added weight to our mission to help Australians live more sustainable lives. As many readers already know, BlueGen generates electricity by converting gas to electricity via ceramic fuel cells and can cut carbon emissions by up to two thirds when compared to coal derived electricity.

    The units will start becoming available in 2010 and move into higher volume production in 2011.

    Green Credentials

    Necos mission is to help Australians and Australian businesses lead more sustainable lives. While Neco has a 3,500 strong product range and we recognise that every gesture towards changes in sustainable lifestyles makes a difference, the real environmental benefits come from those products that directly affect how we live.

    Products such as insulation, Solar PV, Solar Hot Water, Grey Water and Rainwater storage solutions can all make big reductions in the carbon footprints of homes and businesses.

    We now have BlueGen in our product portfolio, a low emission rather than renewable energy source, that addresses the biggest issue faced in Australian homes that of efficient production and consumption of clean electricity, head on.

    Installation, Service and Maintanance

    Like all home heating and energy appliances, BlueGen will need to be installed, serviced and maintained. Well be making sure that our service technicians are carefully selected, thoroughly trained and finely attuned to your customer service needs it will be the icing on the cake.

    What Next?

    We will be back in touch with updates from time to time. However, our focus is on getting this offer absolutely right rather than rushing it to market. We ask for your patience, your continued interest and look forward to saving you money on your electricity and to saving carbon emissions for our home, the earth.
    Will it be Called BlueGen?

    BlueGen has been the name that Ceramic Fuel Cells have coined. Necos distribution plans are substantial over the medium term and our agreement allows for rebranding if we think it would help sales of the product. At this stage, we are still undecided and considering a range of options but click here to make a suggestion for an alternative name.

    How Will BlueGen be Marketed and Priced?

    Pricing BlueGen is complex but we are committed to making the value proposition really easy for all types of customers to evaluate. Right now we are working through unit costs, installation, maintenance plans and additional services to ensure we get things just right for all types of customer.

    Over time, we will also be coming out with bundled solutions after looking at what other Neco products and services best complement Blue Gen. With a range that makes a difference to the planet, only Neco will be able to offer you a comprehensive solution for your home or business.

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