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nearmap the key to monitoring climate change

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    I suspect that some of the recent SP impetus has been generated by the hot air coming out of Copenhagen, which has focused decision-makers' minds on the need for hard data if they are to persuade nations to act. NearMap could potentially provide the hard data whose inadequacy has undermined collective agreement at Copenhagen. Canny investors are perhaps beginning to see the correlation between what climate change scientists are telling us and the need for:
    a) empirical evidence for their conclusions and
    b) targeted solutions to combat its effects on local communities.

    Theories and computer-modelling only go so far. What is needed is accurate empirical data that is capable of measuring on a much more regular basis things such as changes in shelf ice dimensions, river drainage basins and the like.

    NearMap is exactly the right technology for our times if IPR can market the technology well. Google maps clearly has the global reach but it lacks the resolution, the up-to-date information, the speed and the cost efficiency that NearMap can provide.

    The presentation on Ipernica's website by the inventor of NearMap's unique camera and mapping method makes for fascinating listening.

    Caveat emptor. DYOR. I hold.

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