nearly bashed a bloke in the supermarket

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    I was in a queue waiting to scan my shopping when this lunatic/mentally retard started screaming at a woman saying your not using the machine/scanner next to me you Asian so and so, FO. He started dropping things all over the place saying I don't want that or that, I need help, help, help, help A woman came over to help him and picked up all the things he had dropped . Unfortunately she was another Asian staff member He went nuts again swearing screaming generally abusing the woman. I had had enough and said shut up and show a bit of respect you loser. The fat slob with earrings and dyed hair said to me I will kill you with my left hand. I said I will wait out the front and we will work this out you moron. No worries he said. I just walked out with my shopping and turned around and said I will be waiting for you. As I left the manager arrived to sort out the issue, lo and behold another Asian. I just laughed as he continued to scream. He backdoored it, I guess I was lucky because I had every intention of destroying the bigmouth. Some how I would of been the guilty party as lunatics wandering around causing trouble have more rights than normal people. I see them all the time usually I just walk away, most of them are beggars. These are dead set beggars smell see them asleep all over the place. Years ago they use to be in asylums now the streets are the new asylum.
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