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    Back by popular demand (well Cafa wanted it so that's ok by me) is the nearest to the pin competition for 2015/16. Two awards this year. The Cafa award for closest to the Net Sales Value number. This is in honour of Cafa for his contribution and insights into SRX over a long period of time. The Cafa medal is considered the investment worlds equivalent to the Brownlow medal.

    The second award for this year is the Whytee medal. This is for the person who is closest to the pin for NPAT. This new award is in recognition of Whytee going to the Apple conference in Hong Kong and reporting back on the performance of Sirtex at this important event. His posts were outstanding and added much value for both new and long term investors.

    All amounts are to be in thousands. Any disputes are to be resolved at the Permanent Court of Arbitration in the Hague (unless you are Chinese then you can ignore it).

    I will open the batting with the following:

    NSV: $234,876
    NPAT: $55,897
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