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Or maybe you just could't. Please note I gave pages with info....

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    Or maybe you just could't. Please note I gave pages with info. all you say is how riduculouse my statement were with out one reference. that should tell people allot about your tactics. You did not reply because you could not. Now you resort to name calling with no data.

    Not sure if you noticed this but the Argus presentation tells us that NdPr ND and Pr are all included. Have you worked out revenue at these proces yet .

    It was years ago that I pointed out that lots of La and Ce was acounted for either going to dead inventory or tailings. Now you act like I don't know this. Not hard to figure our We know the ratio of all the products. We know how much NDPR is produced. a little percentage and we know alot of Ce and La not accounted for. You keep thinking you know this and no lone else does . The fact is you don't seem to get is if they sold this it would reduce prices to where it would not be worth recovering. That Even Nd PR AL was going to start holding back to prevent low prices. Befor XI actions.

    Oh I know you dont think price is important.

    I have never said that Lynas is static . However you keep claiming I do again with no proof at all. Just more of you trying to win arguments when you have no data. Can you tell me one industry in the world except maybe govderments whose performance is not related to the price they sell product for. Even things like consulting and lawers are dependent on a certain $ / Hr. Yes Lynas has made great improvements on cop and volume but only you would be so brazen to say these are more important than price. So I am guilty as charged I think price is very important, You have not suplied one piece of evidence to the contrary.

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