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    Hi I understand that there are too many NDAs in place which is why covata can not reveal the name of their clients. I am going tho hold this stock but if nikki is listening she should actually put an announcement on ASX that a company has signed a contract with them and that they can not disclose the name of the company for obvious reasons. Now this is very common so I do not know why Nikki is not doing it. Company 1page (1PG) did this the whole time in last one year and took their prices from 60 cents to above 5 dollars. It does not take much brains to figure out once you have traded on ASX that market is just news hungry, you release the news (obviously positive news like signing of a new clientele) and share prices will go up. 1PG did this repeatedly and they were good at it. This created a lot of interest in the stock and smart investors did really well. Now either covata and team can be stuck in their old ways or start releasing the announcements that they have signed a client and this particular client can not be named and this should be done just for the heck of it for God sake. I do not want to know that a company like Messe Berlin has signed an agreement with covata through hot copper. I am bloody angry that there was no announcement on ASX. I think thats bloody disgusting and if covata thinks they can just blame every thing on the jumpy markets and non disclosure agreements and get away from it . I know people from Covata read messages on hot copper and if they can hear me please start releasing ASX announcements as soon as you sign a client no matter how small or insignificant the client is.That is the only way you guys will have a market value worthy enough to list on NASDAQ. That is the only way your own hard work will be rewarded. DONT SIT BEHIND NON DISCLOSURE AGREEMENTS EVERYTIME AND EXPECT PEOPLE TO KEEP SUPPORTING YOU.
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