NCP - refreshing comments form analysts

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    One of the more refreshing notes I've read regarding NCP.
    From ABM-Amro

    We are hearing that Morgan Stanley are starting to push a BUY story on NCP in recent days. However, from our perspective, it is difficult to see exactly what the next catalyst will be to push the stock past $14. In fact, to be blunt, we see bugger all chance of it going through that level in the s/t. The stock appears to be consolidating at these levels in nothing else. Note that NCP is currently entering a slow period, especially in respect to advertising negotiations. One to bear in mind is all."

    In contrast, this is what Citicorp/SSB has to said:

    "NCP has had an impressive run over the last few days after the stunning 3Q results. Following their recent SalomonSmithBarney has upgraded the stock from Outperform to Buy and put a price target of $15.00 on the stock.

    From a technical point of view the SSB technical analyst sees an important resistance level at $13.90-14.10 (this represents the overall deterioration profile of the NCP share price since the March 2000 peak – refer to chart). From this price zone there could be potential for a minor correction. In spite of this, the long-term profile continues to highlight a probable turning point and the beginning of a significant re-rating cycle being established over May/June."

    Positively stuffy in comparison.
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