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    Hi all.I thought I had covered all bases. I sold my CBA for an excellent profit,I was cashed up and waiting for NCP. I watched it fall to $11.57...I sat as I, like everyone was waiting for the big drop on losses announcement....watched it climb leading up to yesterday and I was thinking...strange, how the hell would it climb with 24 hours to go before a $8 Billion writeoff....and it blew the market away with $1.63 rise after the loss statements.. in a climate such as we see today? Hahahaah man, am I from Mars or what.What an amazing world we live now I will sit and wait for profiteers to enter.....then I would expect to get into NCP at around $12..maybe a bit less...and sit and wait for the blue sky that the buyers could see thru the clouds. Comments really appreciated on my flawed strategy leading up to todays rise in Ruperts baby. I hold NCP.
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