NCA Neighbourhood Cable?

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    Last Thursday, Friday saw a huge volume of almost 2 million shares sold down. Makes me suspiscious that only management etc would buy them. After all, there has been little trading of late. Normally trading around 13 - 14 - sold down to 11c. Today asking 12 on no volume. Mmm, Me thinks something's happening.
    The completion of the rollout is supposed to be over in about 12 months which would put over 250,000 houses able to gain access. The 4th Victorian town is now almost completed and no doubt Sen Alston or someone of his ilk will chair the celebrations. The company supposedly has a cap of $35million that's including a huge cash amount from a US hedge fund. My questions are - what's going on with the increased volume and what can we expect to see in the future. Would appreciate any info.

    Thanks in anticipation, Mistybay.
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