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    Thanks for posting this Wilba32. Here is my layman’s summary:

    1. Problemifficult to predict whether GVHD is going to be mild, moderate or severe.

    2. Why isthis a problem: If patients with aGVHD receive an initial standard startingdose of systemic steroids, then patients who do not progress to severesymptoms will be over-treated (for instance, those whose symptoms arelimited to the skin may find topical steroids would have been adequate treatment)and conversely patients who do progress to severe symptoms will be under-treated(for instance, those whose disease progresses to the GI tract and liver maybe better served by more aggressive treatment).

    3. Solution:Research has shown how measuring two biomarkers (REG3-alpha and ST2) have beenshown to predict non-relapse mortality more accurately (and earlier) that relyingon observations of a change in clinical symptoms.

    4. Whyis this important: Using these biomarkers to more accurately predict the likelyfuture severity of disease can inform the initial treatment plan to avoid systemicsteroid use where skin only symptoms are predicted and more aggressively treatingpatients whose disease is predicted to be more severe.

    Think I also read/heard elsewhere (sorry can’t locatesource) that these biomarkers will also help inform when to taper steroids earlierfor more severely affected patients that are likely to be steroid resistant (importantfor our product Remistemcel-L which is for use for more severely affected patientswhich are resistant to systemic steroids). [Call out to more learned members to confirm/expand on this last paragraph]

    Good luck to all holders. Let’ hope for a positive OTAT response soon for these sick kids’ sake.

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