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    @chucke You said "The old chest nut 'good news travels fast,' does not apply to mesoblast and other biotechs.".
    Well, it certainly does not apply to Mesoblast. I would say that it does apply to other biotechs in the US though.

    I am really frustrated with this holding. While I think Mesoblast's sp will eventually reach lofty levels, it would have already reached lofty levels AND would have maintained those levels had management been prudent.
    Agreed the GvHD CRL was not in management's control. But here are the facts:
    1. Institutional ownership in the US = a whopping 2.92%
    2. No one to answer questions at Investor Relations. Even when there was Schond Greenway (never got a single reply from him/her), never any objective answers from Julie Meldrum either
    3. I have never seen a DCF analysis article on SeekingAlpha or anywhere else on Mesoblast
    4. When you are targeting the US market and seeking US FDA approval, you need to be visible and active in the US market
    5. No investor days that I know of in the US (or anywhere else for that matter)
    6. In the middle of the greatest pandemic in over a 100 years, nothing of significance has been done to get the message out to the public about the efficacy of Mesoblast's treatments. I am talking about Investor Days or getting on CNBC or FOX Business.
    Example: Intellia's CEO was on CNBC saying that its gene editing treatment would "reach patients very, very soon", when in fact, it is years away:

    Intellia's market cap is $11 billion. Mesoblast's is $822 million. That is less than CytoDyn's. Less than freaking CytoDyn's.

    Look, I am not saying SI should pump Mesoblast. But he should make sure the world knows about the Phase 3 results. Since he has conveniently parked his ass in Australia and possibly cannot get on CNBC or FOX Business, perhaps it should occur to him that one of his sidekicks (Grossman or someone else) should get the word out?
    Mesoblast NEVER holds its share price. That to me is the biggest frustration. Granted the sp took a hit with the GvHD CRL but after the CHF, Back and ARDS results, WTF happened? Why can't it hold the sp?
    And not a word about the treatment for MIS-C in children. WTF happended to that?
    I have said this a few times before - SI is not CEO material. He should let the business side of things be handled by someone else. Also, said this many times - the ASX is not helping. For F's sake, it cannot even hold the $2.30 sp that SurgCenter got in at. And folks here were angry at me when I joined HC because they were mad that the NASDAQ listing was the culprit.
    The opportunity cost for me on this stock has been enormous to say the least.
    Sorry about the rant.

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