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natural gas prices q1 2010

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    Current prices:


    ... as per http://www.bloomberg.com.au/markets/commodities/cfutures.html


    I love making predictions and then checking back to see if I was right - so here's me putting the below prediction out in the open and "on the record". Hopefully I'll be wrong. :-/

    Prediction: Due to the conflux of forced storage withdrawals, reduced demand and an global oversupply of LNG, combined with the current price inflation due to the extended cold snap in the US, I predict that the Natural Gas Futures price as per the above website will drop below $4.50 USD/MMBtu by Valentine's Day 2010.

    Yep, definitely hope I'm wrong on that one - although I'd expect the effect if I am right on TEX should be minor given the increase in reserves / flowrates Hwy-71 will bring. :D

    Oh, and Happy New Year to all TEXers!
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Currently unlisted public company.

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