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    notice some activity from David today re the drought! At last, but its nearly over!! and remember what he said when people wanted the government to do more -"we cant make it rain" -that was his contribution! Most of the government funding announcements for drought had been blown up -loans were stated like they were grants - still too many people couldnt access them, and still huge amounts of paperwork.... fail!

    At least Bridget was trying to make this better, and she did a bit more than Littleproud for the Dairy farmers-.....all he did was bash Coles!!

    As a cropper, I well remember his recent comments about the government stepping in to help underwrite a crop insurance scheme!! He said they( the government) are not doing it, as insurance companies make billions....... -as a former employee of Suncorp, he should know better.........-and if he is referring to the big overseas underwriters, well they are all pulling away form crop insurance here because they have lost money -so he is wrong on all counts, and weak for not at least saying he will look into it!

    I also remember him saying he will fix the grain legume ban from India just before he left on a jaunt over there!! what happened?....crickets....and I dont mean the sport!

    Remember also how he was going to ban live exports based on a trumped up video from Animal welfare groups!!
    At least McCormack put him in his place then!!

    And how about the Murray Darling agreement-yes, he did get agreement, but he gave in to too many vested interests ......mainly in South Australia and the Green's to do so!!

    And his put down of Craig Kelly was somewhat ill conceived, but likely won him brownie points form the inner city Liberals!

    All of the above, and you can get to be deputy Nationals leader!!
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